According to reports, Prince Harry’s memoir has been a complete shambles because of the way his public image has been handled. This has led to Meghan Markle to have absolute silence regarding the book, and that is that the woman is studying the damage that Harry’s revelations have caused to her public image.

And it is that Harry and Meghan apparently underestimated the level of hatred that would reach them because of the book «SPARE«And for this reason Meghan has decided to stay on the sidelines and not comment on it, and it is that Markle expected the British public to empathize with Harry, but it has been the opposite.

Meghan Markle is not at all happy with all the public damage that this entails, and that is that although the book contains an incredible amount of revelations about the royal family, it only caused the haters of the family to do it even more, but the who empathized with him King Charles IIIthey became much more faithful and radical.

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This happens because of the way the prince harry he managed his public relations, causing a complete disaster by wanting to victimize himself, since all his life he has had the maximum level of comforts. Experts affirm that the man was left as a complete egoist who does not know where he stands.

Public relations commentators give Prince Harry some ideas to reverse all this, among which are to make social campaigns in the United Kingdom and his colonies, to show that he is a good philanthropist, and not an egocentric who victimizes himself.