The actress Meghan Markle she would be looking forward to what she supposes will be “her big moment” after making public her offensive statements towards the royal family with her husband on prince harry.

The married couple decided to retire from their occupation and duty as members of royalty, in order to live in more harmony according to their ideals and lifestyle of the actress, as the British people knew it, due to the quality of life that the American led, it was very difficult for her to adapt to royalty.

Now the statements make sense after learning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had hired a famous negotiator, seeking advice from him to earn much more money, trying to use his role as a victim against royalty.

«In reality, what we are looking at is an extraordinary marketing campaign Meghan whose main interest is herself and her second interest is money.«. stated the biographer Tom Bower to an international newscast.

«She is very intelligent and cunning in that, she is always looking for opportunities and people who can help her“, Said the source, and this would be an example that the popularity of the duchess could take more strength if the British people see her as a true victim, and see the British monarchy as the attackers.

His interest in the project comes from the fact that Meghan Markle is not living as she had dreamed of in a palace, but lives with her family in some cabins in Windsor. And clearly the new generation of money would suit them, because until today they are considered much poorer than the rest of their neighbors.