The actress Meghan Marklewife of prince harry, he would be planning to give the royal family a hard blow with some events that will soon come out, where he clarifies that he would not leave anything out, and will tell everything to ordinary people.

A few weeks away from launching his documentary in Netflix «harry and meghan“, the Duchess of Sussex He has been wanting to reveal more details of his time as royalty and the treatment they have given him.

The prince harry, Her husband is about to launch his memoir book, where he also contemplates revealing the anomalies he experienced when he wanted to retire from his position as a royal member, but this would not be enough for the couple, since they want to put the members of the royalty that discriminated against them.

«She’s contemplating being completely candid about her time in the royal spotlight…and she won’t leave a stone unturned.“said a well-known newspaper.

Close sources assured that the couple signed a million-dollar contract with a publisher, and canceled an extravagant sum of money, where apparently a part would be for the book of the duke of sussexand the rest for the new book of memories of Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex has prepared this release, in order to expose anecdotes of what was experienced in the royal family and how he never felt like he belonged there by the constant attacks of royalty.

Once again, the members of the royal family should be afraid of what the Dukes of Sussexand how they will have to behave after these attacks.