The Queen Camilla Parker is having a little antipathy towards Meghan Markle, Well, his popularity is above hers, this apparently because the rqueen camila has been unable to make the public forget that she was the woman he King Charles III use, to be unfaithful to the Princess Diana.

The Queen Camilla She has tried hard for popularity by appearing at various charity events and helping people in need, however, the British people don’t love her as much as she expects.

And although she has had to deal for many years with the scandal of being the woman who ruined the marriage of Lady Di with the King Charles IIInow the wife of the prince harry, Meghan Marklewho is managing to be more applauded by the public.

This is made evident after a recent survey by the British bulletin «the sun“, where they asked 2,000 people their opinion on royals, Meghan Markle ranked eighth, while the Queen Camilla and to everyone’s surprise he was one position below, occupying the ninth position.

The queen who is focused on improving her public image with noble acts against those in need, the only thing she has achieved is to increase the rejection of people who refuse to accept her.

The situation has the queen a little upset, because being a member of royalty, and more the wife of the King Charles IIIthinks that she should be more respected and less hated.