Meghan Markle faces much criticism after alleged inconsistencies were discovered in his public statements about the royal family, because in his interview with Oprahthe Duchess of Sussex claimed she knew nothing about the royal family before meeting her husband, prince harry. However, it has been revealed that Meghan was friends with the Princess Eugenie of York before meeting the prince.

Foreign media have brought this information to light, suggesting that Meghan Markle has lied to the public about her knowledge of the royal family. In addition, it has been discovered that Meghan had written about the wedding of the prince william and Kate Middleton on his old blog called, “The Tigwhich also contradicts her claim that she didn’t know anything about royalty before she met Harry.

Royal fans and Meghan’s critics have expressed their dissatisfaction with the apparent inconsistencies in her statements, with some accusing her of being a “liar”. However, others have come to the Duchess’s defense, arguing that she may not have fully grasped her knowledge of the British monarchy at the time.

This controversy has generated a public debate about the honesty and integrity of Meghan Markle on social networks and in the media, which has caused strong and divided reactions among royal fans and the general public.