Meghan Marklefamous actress of USAhas found the perfect plan to avoid attending the coronation of the King Charles III next May.

The American actress who had to retire from her profession to marry the prince harryhas not had a good time in recent months, due to the controversies that have been generated in the royal family for their entry into royalty.

Much less after they released the documentary in Netflix in the company of her husband, where they reveal facts about the private life of some members of royalty, especially the prince william and King Carlos III.

For this reason, the participation of Dukes of Sussex It is being an uncertain act, although according to the media the couple would be scheduled in the long list of employees, in order to seek a reconciliation between the two brothers and the father.

However, while she may have an invitation, the Duchess would have preferred not to attend, and found the perfect excuse to desist from the invitation.

According to close sources, the day the coronation service will take place will be the same day as the couple’s son. Archieis celebrating her birthday, so she will allow Prince Harry to attend the coronation, but she will stay to celebrate with her son, apparently feeling ashamed and avoiding meeting her partner’s brother and father.