Meghan Markle has been distanced from her husband on prince harryafter he released his memoir «Spare“For a special reason.

Since last January 10, the duke of sussex He has released his autobiographical book where he reveals some details of his life, and also uncovered dark secrets in the royal family that nobody knew about.

And although the book and the stories included in it have brought more controversy to the family, the followers and those who support the Dukes of Sussexthey hoped to see the couple taking on responsibilities together, as well as promoting the memories together.

Contrary to this, Meghan Markle since the official launch of the book, he has decided to step aside, taking refuge with his young children, and allowing Prince Harry to handle the situation alone.

Although the prince has been plunged into hundreds of criticisms, his wife was not present at any time, an act that disturbed royalty and the British people, but the reason for this, according to the media Telegraph is because the Duchess of Sussex is allowing the prince harry shine by itself, and she’s avoiding “stealing the spotlight.”

«Is this the way she would have approached things? Probably not. But she will always support him and she would never have gotten involved in promoting such a personal project. It was about her own life, her journey, and her own perspective.“added the source.