Meghan Markle has sent a message of support to Kate Middletonafter their separation and infidelity that has suffered from Prince William.

Two months ago Prince Harry published his memoir book «Spare» where he revealed several secrets of the royal family, and uncovered dark secrets of his father King Carlos III, and his brother Prince William.

Here he pointed out that his brother would have been unfaithful to his wife, the Wale’s princesswith a model. Fact that was also reiterated with some photographs that came to light of the British people, and that have further confirmed the rumors.

Although on many occasions there would have been talk of the bad relationship between the two duchesses, the truth is that now Meghan would have sent a message of support to Kate Middleton in her mourning process and the sadness she was experiencing due to her infidelity.

For now, the princess and the duke are expected to announce their separation, in case the rumors from different media outlets are true. United Kingdomand that this does not forcefully affect the coronation of the King Charles III.

The dukes are expected to be present at the coronation, as they would be the next heirs to come in line, so that they can pay tribute to the new monarch as ordered by royalty.