american actress Meghan Markle has found an ingenious way to earn money in USAwithout the help of her husband, Prince Harry.

The married couple and those who have been called the Dukes of Sussex resigned from the royal charges of the british crown a few years ago, apparently because the royal family did not feel good about the racist attacks made against it.

That is why they had to migrate to the United States in search of a new home away from all their relatives, especially the Duke’s family, and from there they have had to find a way to generate income, since the monarchy no longer had any obligation with them. In this way, Meghan Markle has sought a way to separate her business and her private life from that of Prince Harry.

In recent news it was stated that the Duchess had signed an agreement with WME (William Morris Endeavor Agency), a talent agency with which she seeks to generate much more money separated from her husband, with the simple objective of becoming more successful on her own, and demonstrating that it is possible without the monarchy.

A Hollywood source told Page Six that “this deal is all about turning Meghan into a power player in Hollywood«, «although she is of course already an actress, this is not about movies or shows for Meghan to star in, this is about creating projects for her to already produce, she wants to direct the show«.

In addition, it has been expressed on several occasions by experts Meghan Markle from 41 yearsis looking for a way to generate income with his new life in the United States, living his present and exploring new activities that are somewhat linked to his professional career.