Little or nothing has changed since the prince harry Y Meghan Markle left the British royal family in March 2020, since then the Dukes of Sussex they live the life they want in America, while the British monarchy faces its biggest change in seven decades since the death of the Queen isabel II and the accession to the throne of Charles III.

However, one thing has not changed, the couple has repeatedly confessed and denounced that they are the target of attacks by editors and newspapers from England, the duke Y the duchess from Sussex they also explained how they have been subjected to hateful, violent, racist and xenophobic attacks in their recent Netflix documentary.

After the documentary was released, the newspaper “The Sun” published a story that was already removed from the page and they were forced to apologize publicly.

In a comments column (which has since been removed) on his website, the journalist Jeremy Clarkson wrote the following sentences:

I couldn’t sleep at night because I’d go to bed through clenched teeth dreaming of her, parading the streets naked in every city in Britain with crowds chanting “Shame!” and throwing piles of feces at her.

Making a reference to the scene of game of Thrones where Cersei Lannister walk naked through the streets of King’s Landing and she is sentenced to violence for her crimes, she is publicly humiliated, insulted, beaten and despised by the citizens.

The reporter, who has a long history of controversy behind him, assured that everyone his age feels the same as him, and pointed out that few young people believe in the story of Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry.

Jeremy Clarkson also he said:

I hate her, not like I hate Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister and nationalist leader, or like Rose West, I hate Meghan with all my being.

Despite the belief of Clarkson that everyone thinks like him, his column has generated the most complaints in the history of the UK newspaper regulator (IPSO), With almost 20,000 people demanding that the post be removed and that he apologize for what he said.

People from all walks of life in the UK, politicians and citizens have sent letters to the editor-in-chief of The Sun, Victoria Newton, asking that necessary action be taken against the person who made these comments.

Now the article has been removed from the portal, assuring that the columnist’s opinion was personal and he regrets what happened.

We can read on the site the following.

Review opinions are personal, but as editors we know that with freedom of expression comes responsibility.

In the meantime, Jeremy Clarkson took to Twitter to admit that he had made a embarrassing reference to Game of Thrones and what was surprised by the extent of the damage.

However the prince harry Y Meghan Markle they refused to accept the apology and said through a spokesperson that they would not accept it because it was “just a publicity stunt.”