The actress Meghan Markle would be forbidding her husband, the prince harry a possible reconciliation with his father and brother, the King Charles III and the prince william respectively.

One of the most controversial couples of the year 2022 were the Dukes of Sussexwho not long ago launched their series on Netflix «harry and meghan» for which some disputes were created in the royal family.

Followed and as if it had not been enough, the prince harry made the January 10 the release of his memoirs «Spare«, where he continued to attack the British crown, and more than anything his brother the prince william and his wife. He also had a chance to attack his father and the queen. Camila Parker.

But now, after analyzing the commotion he made and the surprise the British people have had with his controversial statements, the prince appears to be remorseful and focused on a reconciliation with their relatives.

However, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Marklehe forbade the prince a reconciliation for all the damage they caused, and the racist comments they made against him.

The actress has flatly refused to attend any celebration of the British crown, and this implies that her husband cannot either, since she would take the act as a betrayal. The couple’s difference of opinion could go a long way, even causing a possible separation.