American actress and wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, It has not stopped receiving harsh criticism this year, now they call it «narcissistic» for his behavior with royalty.

Meghan Markle who was a renowned actress, was united in marriage with the member of royalty the prince harryson of the deceased and remembered Princess Diana. From the beginning, many members of the royal family did not support the relationship, as the lifestyle of Meghan it did not fit in with that of the royal family.

Despite this, the couple went ahead with their relationship and already have two children, after which it was announced that the couple would separate from his duties as royal familyto live a less strict life and with more freedom.

Since their separation, the couple has tried to make their point of view about their decision understood by the monarchy and the people in general, they created a documentary, a podcast and a book will also come out of the prince harry, but contrary to seeking a solution, they have worsened the situation.

For this reason Meghan has received constant criticism, and now a writer calls it “narcissistic“In networks the writer titled her file as”2022, the year we get tired of narcissists«. She named among other stars as Kanye West, donald trump, Elon Muska Meghan Marklebecause he believes that they are stars that seek nothing more than constant approval.

«My natural sympathy for the couple began to turn to irritation, and it occurred to me that ego has its limits. And I realized that the abuse of power that led to the Sussexes’ criticized mega-series is the same impulse that made Elon Musk a Twitter terror, that led Ye to up the ante on outrageous behavior until he crossed the line into blatant anti-Semitism, which sent Bankman-Fried from the top of the world to a Bahamian jail,” the source wrote.

The actress is torn between having to deal with those who support her and those who reject her, for now she lives her relationship happily with her two young children.