Recently, the rumor has been spreading about the possible discriminatory attack that Meghan Markle would have suffered from British royalty when she was pregnant with Prince Archie, The Duchess of Sussex had previously mentioned in an interview with Oprah, that she had received racist comments while residing in the Buckingham Palace.

Meghan caused a stir on social media after she revealed that a member of the British royal family had told her she felt worry about the skin color her son, Prince Archie, was going to be born with.

Now, after a long time, the Duchess of Sussex has once again mentioned that uncomfortable moment, which according to media close to the Dukes of Sussex, assure that he was one of the main reasons for which she decided to leave the palace with her husband, Prince Harry.

Various experts have related all the information in this controversywith the latest rumor that would have been revealed by the entertainment media, where it is said that Meghan Markle would have been arguing with King Carlos III through a series of letters, where King Carlos III would be trying to persuade the Duchess to attend his coronation on May 6.

Royal fans have commented, through social networks, that in reality King Carlos III would be asking for the sorry Meghan Markle to accompany her husband and take their children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibeth to the monarch’s coronation. This can give us an idea of ​​who the royal who made the comments might have been. discriminatory towards the Duchess of Sussex a few years ago, when she was still pregnant.

Currently, all this controversy remains a rumor due to the lack of affirmations by official media, but it could be known very soon because, according to a close friend of Meghan, he has revealed that the duchess was working on a new book, where we can probably find the answers of all the unknowns related to the monarch.