Although the marriage of prince harry and the former actress Meghan Markle It is considered one of the most romantic and united that exists, the couple has had several difficulties to get ahead with their relationship. One of those problems would have been the fame of a gallant that the youngest son of the already deceased Princess Diana has had, and that caused the instant jealousy of the Duchess of Sussex.

Despite all the bad comments they have suffered from the family british Royal, the Dukes of Sussex they have always shown above anything, that their marriage is something really serious and not just an illusion.

The fruit of their love has given them two children, who have also been victims at a certain point, of all the media repercussions that Harry Y Meghan have lived to denounce the injustices that are experienced within the english monarchy.

Nothing has been able to separate them, backwards, they are always stronger and more united in any situation. But that hasn’t stopped the former American actress from being jealous of Prince Harry’s former girlfriends.

Over the years, the prince Harry He gained a great reputation as a gallant, and would have had several girlfriends throughout his life, something that despite having been discussed from the beginning, he has not added to his current wife.

According to reports from various UK media United, Meghan Markle would have been very jealous of the ex-girlfriends of Harry, that they clearly would have no problem approaching him again.

Some rumors and theories surrounding his jealous attack claimed that the couple would have had several discussions about it. However, there is no indication that Harry has dated any of his ex-girlfriends again while he has been with Meghan.

Despite that, Meghan Markle she cannot help feeling jealous, since she knows very well that her husband is a very coveted man, with prestige and remarkably handsome.