Meghan Markle He has received “very real” threats several times as a member of the British royal family, a former police officer has confirmed.

Meghan Markle faced a difficult situation and of course trained officers were investigating everything to protect the life of the wife of the prince harry, according to Neil Basuformer deputy commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, the threats he received Meghan they were disgusting.

In an interview with Channel 4 in England, Neil Basu said that the extreme right could be one of the main causes of the problems of Meghan and understand that she can “to be in danger all the time”.

The former counter-terrorism chief said that the threat was very real and sick, mentioning: “if they saw what they wrote and received”, he also emphasized that they will always feel threatened, saying: Meghan Markle has never spoken publicly about the threats or how they feel about them, except in an interview with Oprah where he admitted that he wanted to kill himself due to all the pressure and racism of the royal family of which he said he was a victim.

As a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle She is protected and the police are investigating where the comments about the Duchess come from, the ex-official explained that they had investigative teams and even accused some people of the threats.

With the first preview of the Sussex series and a recent statement from the former police officer Neil Basu, the documentary will gain even more strength if the couple decides to talk about the threats and how they affected their departure from the royal family, it is likely that the audiovisuals will arrive on the platform in the coming days, so we will have to wait and see what has to say about the UK event.

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