He prince harry and Meghan Markle They have noticed a new enemy, the creators of the famous animated series South Park, whom they are supposedly considering suing for ridiculing them in one of their episodes. Known for its biting, satirical humour, the series pokes fun at current events, and in this case, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the targets of its jokes.

In the episode that is mentioned, although the names of the royal couple are never mentioned, several references to them are made which make it apparent who is being ridiculed. The couple is shown on a talk show in Canada, where they appear holding signs that read “we want our privacy” and “stop looking at us”. However, once seated, they explain that they are delighted to be on television.

The series makes fun of the prince harry and Meghan Markle they left their lives as members of the Royal Family supposedly to fight for their privacy, but are now comfortable in the media.

In addition, it is shown Meghan Markle as the promoter of the memoir, which criticizes the royal family and journalists, but also criticizes her husband for writing a similar book.

Although Harry’s lawyers and Meghan Markle are looking at the episodes of the series in which they are mocked, no lawsuit has been filed yet. The couple is also currently dealing with a lawsuit filed by Meghan’s older sister.