He prince harry and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, They face a new controversy that involves them in legal problems with the artist’s family, which now makes them receive a million-dollar lawsuit that causes an uncertain future for them.

Samantha, older sister of the Duchess of Sussex, is suing the actress and her husband for presumed prejudicial falsehood, based on the statements that both members of the British royal family they did in their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The lady sues for more than 75 thousand dollars to the Dukes of Sussex, alleging that they also defamed her and part of her family.

Harry and Meghan will now have to appear before a civil judge to give continuity to this judicial process, despite the fact that they tried not to have to attend court.

Meanwhile, it also remains to wait in case the judge dismisses the case for lack of evidence. However, the sister Meghan He stated that he has sufficient evidence to continue his complaint.

This problem aggravates the situation of popularity that the couple has suffered in recent months, as a result of the serious accusations that both have made against the british Monarchy, and where there seems to be no room for a speedy reconciliation.