Meghan Markle and her husband, the prince harryas a product of their strong statements, are being highly despised by the people of USA.

After his statements in his documentary on Netflix «harry and meghan“, and from the duke’s book”Spare“, where he publicly exposes his family, the young couple has been rejected several times by Americans.

According to various surveys carried out among the American people, the majority have admitted that they care little about the situation of the Dukes of Sussexand share their position on feeling the negative energy that the two transmit.

In the survey carried out by the company Redfield & Wiltonevidently it was shown that Prince Harry of 38 yearsand Meghan Markle of 41 yearsThey have lost a large part of their audience in the North American country, who do not rule out any moment to show their displeasure.

This is clearly the product of their controversial controversy in recent months, where without any relevant reason, they began an attack on members of royalty, from which to this day it has been difficult to recover and recover their true identity.

However, and as the icing on the cake, not only have the people tried to ignore them in their appearances, several of the most important celebrities in the country have stated that they do not want to send invitations to the dukes to the most important parties in USAdue to his notorious conflicting personality.