The Duchess Meghan Markleand her husband the prince harry, They could be announcing their new pregnancy on February 14, the date on which the day of Valentine’s Day.

The couple, who have known each other since 2016, began their love affair while the Duchess still retained her worldwide fame as one of the most famous actresses in USAand while Prince Harry still belonged to the British monarchy.

Despite the fact that their relationship was consolidated and they decided to get married, together they chose to leave their duty as members of royalty due to the criticism they made against them, and likewise to have a less stormy relationship.

After this, the couple reported the pregnancy of their first child Archie In 2019, and a few years later in 2021, the couple’s second pregnancy was announced, which was announced on Valentine’s Day, and in June she was born Lilibet.

As the date that commemorates the lovers is a special date for the couple, especially for Prince Harry, since it was the date that Princess Diana chose to announce her pregnancies, it is reported that the family may communicate on that date that their third child is on the way.

«They are both very open to expanding their family and would love for it to happen, and for Archie and Lili to have another sibling.“, said a close source when asked about another child of the couple.

«Meghan is healthy, Harry is a brilliant father, their marriage continues to go from strength to strength, and they have adjusted to parenthood like ducks to water.“, concluded the informant.

Undoubtedly, if the information is given as expected by the media, the pregnancy of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could turn the controversies the family is currently going through.