After months of rumors and tensions, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have joined forces to attack the Queen Consort Camilla Parkerthe wife of King Charles IIIthis according to sources close to the royal family.

The two duchesses are said to have grown closer of late due to their shared concern over Camilla Parker’s behavior towards the royal family and in particular towards Kate Middleton. According to insiders, Camilla has been making negative comments about Kate behind her back and has tried to damage her role in the royal family.

Meghan, who has been the target of media attacks and has publicly denounced racism in the royal family, has joined Kate in her criticism of Camilla, since both consider that the wife of the king charles he does not respect royal protocols and that he is not acting as a member of the royal family should.

Tensions between the two duchesses and Camilla have escalated in recent months as wife Camilla has been heavily involved in strong criticism from the royal family, leading to further conflict between her and other members of the Crown. British.

Although the tensions between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle against Camilla are on the rise, the royal family is expected to keep their composure and prevent this situation from escalating further.

It is known that one of the reasons why the duchesses have come together is because Camilla would be supporting the infidelity of the prince william with Rose Hanburyfor this reason it seems that Meghan and Kate are united to face any possible action on the part of Camilla.