The great royal wedding between prince william and Kate Middleton which was held on April 29, in the prestigious westminster abbeywas at the time the topic of all the entertainment media around the world, however, very few realized the challenging words he dedicated to it Meghanthe current wife of prince harry.

For those years, Meghan Markle, who had nothing to do with British royalty, was the creator of a small internet blog called «The Tig«, where he told us part of his day to day, among other issues of lifestyle and diets that he led.

In her time, Meghan was also interested in the biggest event of the English monarchy at that time, Kate Middleton’s wedding with Prince William, of which she wrote several criticisms of the celebration, where she confessed that she would prefer to be a heroine rebel to a delicate princess, among other comments.

“Little girls dream of being princesses. I, for one, would prefer to ‘she-ra‘, the princess of power. For those unfamiliar with the ’80s cartoon reference, ‘She-Ra’ is the twin sister of ‘He-Man’ and an actual sword-wielding rebel known for her strength.” This was what Meghan Markle declared at the time.

Life takes many turns and for Meghan this turned out to be more than just a saying, since she ended up being what she once said she did not want to be, now part of the nobility most important of the European continent and the world.