Meghan Markle affirms that the arrival of a new son in his family could mean a great benefit to his family, especially to his marriage with the prince harry.

The couple who have consolidated their relationship in a stable manner since the 2016looking for a new son so that they can overcome all the difficulties they have had, due to their latest controversies that have generated towards royalty.

In October of the year 2022 a well-known news outlet, announced that the Dukes of Sussex they may be ready to have their third child in order to expand their family much more.

The outlet reported that it would be a dream that the minor children of the prince harry and Duchess Meghan Markle have a new sibling for Archie and Lili,”They are both very open to expanding their family and would love to see it happen.«.

Although the family dreams of having a family of four members, Meghan affirms that it would not be bad to have a fifth child and more company for them, in addition to establishing a much healthier relationship after the criticism that has been generated by the publications in the book Spare» and his documentary in the series Netflix called «harry and meghan«.

For the followers of the couple, who have shown a lot of affection for the family, this would be the perfect reason to find a much stronger family union, for which they have been characterized for some years.