The actress Meghan Markle revealed that she could not hide her anger at learning that she was not invited to the next coronation of royalty, and therefore will not attend with her husband.

The next May 6th the monarch King Charles III with his present wife the queen consort Camilla Parkerwill be crowned in a great event attended by different members of royalty, and not only from United Kingdom, if not the whole world.

And despite the fact that the invitation for the prince harry was not entirely confirmed, the illusion with which King Carlos III awaits a reconciliation in the royal family, was enough for his son to be present at the ceremony.

However, the one who would not be invited would be the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wife of the prince, which is why an intense anger was clearly generated which she could not hide.

Apparently the problem would have caused arguments in the couple, since the day of the coronation, May 6 is the birthday of Archie eldest son of the couple. Reason that Meghan considers sufficient for her husband not to attend the event without her.

“Apparently, she finds this proposal insulting and manipulative, as she is forcing the prince to choose between his family and going to the coronation.“, revealed a close source.

«What will it look like if she prefers to leave on her son’s birthday? I suspect Meghan won’t be too happy if Harry falls for the trap and travels to the coronation«. The informant concluded, clarifying that this issue will put the couple in total discord, and therefore the royal family.