Meghan Markleformerly a well-known actress of USA She has been criticized for her arrogant way of being in recent weeks, and the unusual demands she has been making of people she doesn’t have much of a relationship with.

Although the actress managed to be part of the royal family for a while, her place there soon ended due to the resignation that together with her husband the prince harrythey announced, a situation that at the time was replicated by different international media, and that created strong criticism of the monarchy for its racist actions.

According to recent rumors, the actress has been in the eye of the hurricane for various reasons. In the first place, because he considers himself a person “obsessed with money”, a fact that would not be appreciated by the prince, who, due to his rejection of the monarchy, has been receiving less flow of money.

Now a new controversy has arisen for the actress when it is revealed that she has intimidated a well-known Australian broadcaster, with arresting him if he left the place where they were going to meet, despite being delayed for more than 5 hours.

The announcer joel creasey He noted that a security guard for the Duchess threatened to arrest him if he left the meeting point, where they had prepared a “morning tea”, expressing that he should wait for the arrival of Meghan Markle.

In such a way that the announcer, when experiencing this event, was able to conclude that it is much easier for him to abandon the royal family than one of his acts, which is why he finally did not feel the need to continue having a future relationship with the Duchess of Sussexand has decided to criticize her by expressing her ordeal.