The MegaFon operator was the first to offer its corporate clients a domestic alternative to foreign software based on MyOffice products. Now in “MegaFon Cloud” solutions for communications and work with various types of documents, including texts and tables, and also corporate mail are available, the MyOffice company reported.

The product is available on a subscription model (SaaS) and is suitable for both large businesses and small companies. The term of connection to the platform takes no more than one day, while the company does not bear the cost of installing and deploying the system. Hosting the service in the cloud creates a functional working environment – with the help of MyOffice solutions, you can create and co-edit documents in real time from any device, on any OS and from anywhere in the world.

“After foreign vendors left the market, many companies were left without the usual basic office programs and began to look for domestic counterparts. At the same time, the business is not ready to spend additional server resources and prefers the use of hybrid or fully cloud solutions, the demand for which is growing multiple. In partnership with MyOffice, we provide clients with access to familiar and convenient office tools in MegaFon Cloud. The cloud model reduces the cost of organizing a workplace and maintains the efficiency of business processes, which makes it affordable for medium and small businesses,” says Alexander Osipov, Director of Cloud Platforms and Infrastructure Solutions at MegaFon.

“We strive to make our solutions accessible to organizations and businesses of any size and any level of technical equipment, therefore, in addition to the classic reseller channel, we are actively developing the SaaS model. Access to secure and modern office software by subscription reduces the infrastructure costs of customers, and also allows you to quickly organize remote collaboration with documents and increase work efficiency by up to 30%,” commented Alexander Ivannikov, Commercial Director of MyOffice.

Depending on the needs, users can choose the appropriate package of services on the site: “Mail” – work with emails and manage the corporate mail system, “Office applications” – file storage and online collaboration with documents, “Professional” – a set of applications for communication and collaboration with documents offline and online.

MyOffice Russian office solutions are hosted by MegaFon Cloud, the reliability and security of which is confirmed by certification for the highest level of personal data security UZ-1 and the highest information security requirement K1 for government information systems. This allows the product to be used by both large commercial companies and government customers.