Men love to eat on holidays, and women tend to create a New Year’s mood.


What are your favorite New Year’s traditions? Analysts of the SuperJob service learned the answer to this question during a survey of Russians. It turned out that men have their own traditions of celebration, women have their own.

For most, the holiday becomes a good occasion to meet with family and friends. This answer was given by 15% of the study participants. A little less – 12% of respondents – said that on New Year’s Eve they decorate an apartment or house and decorate a Christmas tree. Half as many – 6% – consider the exchange of gifts and a festive feast to be the main traditions of celebrating the New Year. Among the most popular New Year’s traditions that Russians adhere to are also making wishes, Olivier salad, going to the bathhouse, launching fireworks, and champagne. At the same time, the authors of the study note that women are more fond of decorating the house, decorating the Christmas tree, making wishes to the chiming clock, and men are more fond of eating delicious food, relaxing and taking a steam bath. The survey involved 1.6 thousand Russians over 18 years old, living in 381 settlements located in all districts.

What already reported Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication, experts interviewed more than five thousand adult Russians from all regions of the country to find out how much money they planned for New Year’s expenses, as well as what exactly they intend to spend it on. More than a third of respondents (35%) will try to meet the 30 thousand rubles.