Amid the dating rumors of the prince william with Rose Hanbury, ex best friend of Kate Middleton and a close figure of the British royal family, the luxurious home of the English noblewoman has been revealed, the place where she would have had some meetings with the future monarch and father of the Prince George.

The scandal generated by the alleged affair that Prince William has with Rose Hanbury, has made the media and journalists fully aware of every new detail of both personalities.

Among that, it is also investigating the residence of the english noblewoman, which is a luxurious mansion that is even so attractive, that it serves as an attractive tourist complex for its exquisite style of the 15th century.

The mansion is located in the county of Houghton Hall, and it’s a property where Rose is said to secretly see Prince William. Adding to this, it is less than 6 kilometers from Norfolk, old county where William and Kate They lived with their children.

The luxurious mansion Hanbury will reopen the doors to the public in a few months, where anyone willing to pay 13 euro, You will be able to enter the place and discover a place rich in English culture.

And you, do you like the luxurious mansion of Rose Hanbury?