The coronation of the new sovereign of American beauty has been done two days before, where R’Bonney Gabriel, the actual miss Universe of USES, has ceded his national throne to the young Morgan Romano. Who is she and what does she do?

Morgan Romano, a model and professional in Chemical Engineering Sciences by University of South Carolina, which is currently working on app optimization, is the new Miss USA 2022, following R’Bonney Gabriel’s collective resignation from her duties as the national beauty sovereign.

Romano was the first finalist of the recent contest of Miss USA celebrated in the month of September 2022. But now, as R’Bonney has won Miss Universe, she will take charge of the national crown and therefore will be the one who fulfills the duties that refer to her title.

It is important to remember that the same USA 2022, like the recent Miss Universe 2022, was involved in serious accusations of fraud. And as if that were not enough, the Thai tycoon Anne Jakrajutatip, Not only is she the new owner of the Miss Universe organization, but she also owns the rights to Miss USA and the Miss Teen USA.

morgan roman will not represent the USA in the next edition of Miss Universe, unless designated by the organization in the coming months.