A new controversy that directly affects the prince harry already Meghan Markle is uncovered to further sink the image of the British royal family. And it is that in social networks, the love affair that the Duke of Sussex he had with a British model before marrying the former American actress. The name of this attractive young woman is Sarah Ann Macklin, and has known the Prince for over six years.

The journalist and writer, official biography of the Royal family british Angela Levin, She was in charge of recounting the infidelity that Prince Harry committed before marrying Meghan Markle.

The writer recounts that the youngest son of the King Charles III He was involved with the very attractive British model Sarah Ann Macklin, who is also an influencer today.

“During the early stages of his relationship with Meghan, Harry was thought to have dated the fashion model. Burberry Sarah Ann Macklin. They met at a private party, he took her number and bombarded her with text messages. But it turned out to be just a love affair.”

Angela also wrote that the romance did not last long because they both had many differences, which Sarah did not like very much about the youngest son of Lady Di.

“They are quite different. She lives a very clean life and barely drinks, and in that sense they were on a different wavelength. Harry was a bit evasive with her.”

Regarding some details of the model, today she continues to perform her roles within social networks and her career as an influencer within the United Kingdom. The young woman is still very attractive, so she is quite popular in the world of Internet.

And you, what do you think about the love affair that he prince harry had with Sarah Ann Macklin before marrying Meghan Markle?