Rumors of crisis between the marriage of prince william and Kate Middleton they have resurfaced. AND Rose Hanbury, who was a close friend of the Princess of Wales, is again involved in the controversy, for being the alleged lover that the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana, has had for a long time.

Since days ago Princess Kate Middleton confessed to an employee of a flower shop, that she would not expect any gifts or flowers from Prince William this February 14th, rumors of a possible crisis in their marriage resurfaced.

Several media have returned to talk about the alleged romance that he has William with Rose Hanbury, a British noblewoman and former model who has been closely linked to the royal family and was a close friend of Kate’s.

The media claimed that the Wale’s princess he broke all kinds of relations with Rose and her husband. It is even said that he ordered her to be prohibited from attending different events where she was present.

Rose Hanbury has been linked with the The prince William since 2019, after some photos of the heir to the British throne were leaked, grabbing the lower part of the back of a woman, who is presumed to be Rose.

In recent days, Kate Middleton has been seen more focused on the charitable work that comes with her title of Princess of Welsh. However, there are many people who are sure that their relationship with William is very bad right now.

And you, what do you think about the possible lover of the prince william?