the identity of Rose Hanbury Now it is a trending topic on social networks, thanks to the wave of rumors that affirm that she would have been dating him again. Prince William. Both were discovered at a private party in 2019, and from there, their friendship with Kate Middleton it’s completely over.

In case some of you didn’t know, Rose Hanbury is a British noblewoman who was very close to the royal family. She was one of the best friends in the Wale’s princess, which allowed her to be one of the guests of honor at different royal events.

From parties, meetings, dinners and other times, Rose was frequently seen inside the Buckingham Palace. However, everything changed in 2019, when the scandal that linked her lovingly with William was leaked.

It was some photos that became quite an event that still continues to generate discussion on the networks. the british newspaper the sun leaked Rose with the Prince of Wales while they enjoyed together at a private party.

The scandal was so big that from then on his relationship with the monarchy and with Kate Middleton ended completely. It is said that the future Queen consort banned any event where Hanbury was present.

Now, four years after the first rumors, his link with the prince william has shone again. Thanks to the separation rumors that princes of wales they face and that they affirm that the future of Rey returned with her lover, which in this case is Rose.

And you, what do you think about the alleged lover of Prince William?