we introduce you to Lee Yoobithe singer’s new girlfriend jungkook from BTS.

Recently, the courtship between the singer Jungkook and the actress Lee Yoo Bi has been rumored again, with whom he has been related for approximately two years, when they were captured by various international media.

the singers of bts They are usually very reserved in terms of their love life, a fact that their fans have clearly been able to observe, however, the one who has not been able to flee from the press with their partner would be Jungkook from 25 years.

Reason for which it has been possible to know the identity of the girlfriend, with whom approximately 2 years ago she would have a relationship with the artist, and who is the renowned South Korean actress Lee Yoo Bi, we present some information about her.

The also model has a renowned career as an actress, with 32 years of age, and would be of South Korean nationality, the girlfriend of the BTS member, began her career in series and films in 2011 starring in different roles both on television and on the big screen, in addition to performing as a variety presenter.

Although the two celebrities have not officially confirmed their courtship, the couple’s followers do believe that they may have a relationship in a hidden way.