Medinsky responded to criticism of the new history textbook by “angry patriots”

Critics of the new history textbook are dissatisfied not with its content, but with the approach to presenting material that does not agree with their own ideas. About it stated assistant to the president and one of the authors of the textbook Vladimir Medinsky in response to a request from RBC.

New textbooks of general history and history Russia for 10th and 11th grades began to enter Russian schools before the start of the school year.

“For relocant liberals, Lenin and Stalin were not scolded enough, Gorbachev and Gaidar were not praised enough, etc. But for the “angry patriots,” on the contrary, they did not scold Gorbachev and Yeltsin enough, and did not praise Stalin enough,” Medinsky explained the dissatisfaction of some of the Russians who read the textbook.

Statements according to which the new textbook is not history, but propaganda, are unfounded, continued the aide to the Russian President. Even such important historical monuments as “The Tale of Bygone Years” or “History of the Russian State” were compiled taking into account the political interests of the then rulers, Medinsky noted. “It is simply not smart to deny the existence of state historical policy at all times,” he concluded.

In October Ministry of Education reported on agreeing on amendments to the section of the new textbook on repression. This preceded a wave of indignation among representatives of peoples repressed in the USSR. Medinsky reportedthat the second edition of the textbook will be prepared taking into account the comments made.

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