For several decades, Hungary has been one of the most advanced countries in terms of medical tourism. A huge number of people from all over the world come every year to spend their holidays with benefit and improve their health.

Wellness in Hungary

Modern Hungary offers tourists a wide range of quality medical services and modern European methods of treatment.

Most popular destinations:

  • dentistry;
  • aesthetic surgery;
  • dermatology;
  • rehabilitation;
  • infertility treatment.

Numerous public hospitals and private medical centers invariably delight patients with a professional approach and very pleasant priceswhich cannot be compared with the pan-European and even more so the American ones.

Hungary is also famous for its healing mineral springs and famous baths, which are not only favorite points of spa programs for numerous tourists, but also recognized historical monuments of architecture. Most of the equipped baths are located on the territory of the resort city of Budapest. Today it operates 13 therapeutic baths.

Széchenyi baths

The address: Állatkerti korut, 9-11


  • joint treatment,
  • spine,
  • gastrointestinal tract,
  • respiratory diseases.

Széchenyi baths – the most famous and largest bath complex not only in Hungary, but throughout Europe. On the territory is located three outdoor pools and fifteen in the interior of the building, fourteen saunas:

  • wet and dry steam rooms,
  • hamam,
  • infrared,
  • light,
  • aromatic saunas,
  • wooden tubs,
  • spa,
  • a huge number of bars and cafes (where you can have a bite to eat or just take a break between sets).

The bath is located in a picturesque park complexso a relaxing holiday can be combined with a leisurely walk, which adds a bit of special charm to Széchenyi.

Treatment and recovery in Hungary: the best baths in Budapest.  Treatment and recovery in Hungary: the best baths in Budapest

Treatment and recovery in Hungary: the best baths in Budapest

Baths of St. Lukács

The address: Frankel Leo ut, 25-29

Not the most popular, but the most authentic and ancient baths Budapest is an obligatory item in the wellness program of every self-respecting guest of the capital who seeks to feel the spirit of the city and get acquainted with local cultural features. You rarely meet a foreigner in the Lukács baths, but the Hungarians simply adore this complex and consider it a place for “their”.

On a small area is located:

  • 4 pools with thermal water of different temperatures (from 24 to 40 degrees),
  • several baths,
  • salt room,
  • a stunning stone room that is so cozy and warm that you want to stay forever.

The locals claim that These baths have the best water in the city. By the way, it is also suitable for ingestion, but it is unlikely that everyone will dare to taste it, because the water, although healthy, is almost unbearable in taste.

Rudash baths

The address: Dobrentei ter, 9

Rudash baths not the best choice for those who travel to Budapest for the first time. Of course, the gorgeous view of Mount Gellert is amazing and pleasantly pleasing to the eye, but the high cost of visiting and the abundance of very liberated pensioners without bathing suits can cause a slight culture shock. From the pros: stunning rooftop jacuzzi and a luxurious octagonal pool under a majestic 10-meter dome.


The address: Kelenhegyi ut, 4

The most expensive and pretentious baths in Budapest are located in the exquisite Gellert Hotel., which is so magnificent that one day is hardly enough for you to see every corner of this truly amazing place. Here you are unlikely to meet at least one Hungarian, but there are more than enough cute German and Austrian grandparents in funny hats. Good mood guaranteed!

On the territory of the bath:

  • 8 pools with thermal water,
  • several baths,
  • pearl bath,
  • ice barrel,
  • free water aerobics classeswhich take place every hour).

You can pass the time and relax after an active pastime in one of the many bars, which, oddly enough, have very reasonable prices. You can also pamper yourself with a relaxing massage whole body or lie down in a bubbling jacuzzi. Just what you need after a stormy night.

royal bath

The address: Főu., 84

The cozy and relatively small royal bath is located in close proximity to the bath of St. Lukács and famous for its special and completely fabulous atmosphere. Subdued light, overhanging ceilings and classic lines in the interior seem to transferred to those distant times, when real aristocrats and ruling monarchs loved to relax in this bath. Interestingly, during the Second World War, the building of the bath was almost completely destroyed, but by the beginning of the 50s, the attraction was completely restored to its original form. Keep in mind that there are no signs in English on the territory, so be sure to download an offline phrasebook to your phone. This simple trick will allow you to feel more confident and avoid misunderstandings and awkward moments during the holidays.