Due to the military invasion of the Russian Federation, many Ukrainians have become internally displaced persons (IDPs). During the period of martial law in Ukraine simplified the procedure for passing the medical and social examination (MSEK). At the Ministry of Health toldwhat documents are required to pass MSEC.

Why you need to pass MSEC

A medical and social examination is carried out to establish disability for patients who have reached the age of majority, victims of an accident at work and an occupational disease, and persons with disabilities in the direction of a medical and preventive health care institution after diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures.

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What documents are needed to pass MSEC

People with disabilities who apply to MSEC must have with them documents confirming a permanent impairment of body functions due to diseases, the consequences of injuries or congenital malformations, which entail the restriction of the normal life of the individual.

So, for a medical and social examination, it is necessary to present:

  • passport or ID card with an extract from the Unified State Demographic Register on registration of residence;
  • military ID (copy) or temporary certificate (for those liable for military service, conscripts);
  • referral to MSEK (form No. 088/o);
  • medical documentation, originals (extracts from the outpatient card form 025 / o, extracts from the medical history of an inpatient form 027 / o, the results of laboratory, instrumental, radiological examinations, advisory conclusions of specialized regional specialists, etc.) and an outpatient card;
  • other additional documents, if necessary, to confirm a particular reason for disability.
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The Ministry of Health noted that for the period of martial law, MSEK performs its functions while ensuring the principle of extraterritoriality. That is, the examination is carried out at the direction of the medical advisory commission, regardless of the place of registration, residence or stay of citizens applying to establish a disability group.

If a person applies for the establishment of disability and cannot come for an examination at the MSEC, the commission may decide on the establishment of disability in absentia based on the referral of the medical advisory commission of health.

“The term for re-examination for persons with disabilities, including children, which fell during the period of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, if it is impossible to send them to the MSEC, continues for a period not later than six months after its termination / cancellation,” says in the message.

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