To this day, there is a scene before the winter. We were standing in front of two and we were ringing, we were scared. Then Radka slapped me and called. And she rang.

This is how Libue Madrov from Liberec remembers the first meeting with the most successful athlete and Olympian Vra Slavska. It is no wonder that two students at the time of the fifteen-year-old grammar school knocked shyly at the crack of their Slavsk flats.

At the time, it was Jacqueline Kennedy’s kind of most popular woman on the planet. Dvkm rebuked her pl, modesty and the values ​​she professed.

I had the impression from the TV that you are, but she opened up a small swimsuit in a pale blue suit. And she immediately invited us inside. We were full of foreign girls for her, but she was. To be very accommodating, nice, remember Madrov.

Together with her friend Radka Cimrmanová, they collected all the pictures and photos of Slavsk. They also became involved with the rest of the family. The first of their chronicles is the revelation of the unveiled 80th birthday of Vry Slavsk in Mal vstavn sni in Liberec.

Samurai me for courage

Get attention and give things there. Olympic medals, seductive jerseys, photographs or film skids from the group and from the Slavic wedding to the Olympics in Mexico in 1968. A number of exhibits are exhibited for the first time, including the true samurai mee from the 16th century.

Vra Slavsk is probably the only woman in the world who has robbed me of samurai. In Japan, the author of the show, sports commentator T Jakub Baant, says it doesn’t matter that a woman owns such a thing.

It happened at the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, with a finle on the bars. It had a very complex set with original elements. When the ultra C turned, however, it fell because it was interrupted by encouraging colleagues. It was clear at that moment that the medal was unknown. Every other seductress would wrap it up and put it on, but she jumped on the parallel bars without blinking an eye, and in front of the stunned audience, she blew it up. The Japanese were admired, and one fan first gave me a samurai for his courage and steadfastness. But because it was a family memorial of immense value, the whole family council came together to sanctify it, to Baant.

So far, the national costume in which she performed in ballet with her sisters in all those years is not exhibited. The public is also unfamiliar with the oil canvas, which the Slavs painted at the time when the communists forbade him to thrive because of its signing under a manifesto of 2,000 words and a protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Varavsk army.

Mom did what she could. Not only gymnastics, but also painted, she also had a talent for writing, for example, Ota Pavel had a great time. I’m proud of her, because she was always happy not to be ashamed of herself. These are the values ​​she also enjoyed, her daughter Radka Slavsk joined in.

They make a slip

She wouldn’t bend over to the communists in order to play sports, she’d rather bend them down the stairs. The crossbar and the beam were replaced by a bucket, a rag and a cat, because she did not receive any other work. Pesto never considered emigration.

She was a perceived patriot with strong views and self-discipline. These are the things that every nation needs, especially today, Baant added.

The exhibition on the occasion of Vry Slavsk’s 80th birthday is part of the Sportfilm Liberec festival. We are the only city in the Czech Republic, apart from the National Museum in Prague, where the personality of Vry Slavskimnme is remembered. It’s a unique thing. We also have a flat stamp with a silent protest at the Olympics in Mexico in 1968, when the Soviet anthem came to the ground. It will be a collector’s rarity, said Sport Balam’s director Renata Balaov.

The entry will last until June 26. All of them from the voluntary admission will go to Adra to help Ukrainian children. Given what Russia unleashed on Ukraine, Vra would not have done otherwise, Balaov added.