Novomanel in the sign of opulence

A lavish wedding Karlos Vmola and Lely Ceterov was carried in the spirit of advertisements and collaborations… and of course not completely opulent. The newlyweds wore the Bernhardt coat of arms, which goes to the sea clothed, and the clan of Simona Krainov and Karel Vgner also wears it.

Vmola completed the luxurious suit with a Louis Vuitton dog for less than 20 thousand crowns.

Karlos bragged about his bride.

Karlos Vmola and Lela Ceterov

those brides were made of silk, and the corset was covered with lace. Of course, there must not have been a deep story in which he could have been married to Pamela. The star of the 90s married others with similar luck and mainly make-up.

those would cost about a quarter of a million, but I had them for free thanks to the cooperation. Even Lela’s fans were excited, many ladies would have been happy to dress them like that, and they were also surprised by how elegant Lela’s outfit was. It was mainly his lush bust, heavy make-up and the acronym Lela herself that gave him a sense of awareness.

Karlos Vmola and Lela Ceterov