Swayze? No way, Milan…

Not Patrick Swayze or Ken from Barbie, but Milan Peroutka. His summer outfit is an absolute hit. Add a sense of playfulness to the glasses, so you can buy Adidas for six hundred to show off the muscles you’ve gained in the gym.

Dog brand and daily ankle boots in my bag, every lover of the past decade, and the combo of white sneakers and socks is a must for everyday wear. This outfit can be imitated in any outfit, just don’t get bored with it and you can take Peroutka practically anywhere.

Ken from Barbie? No, it’s Milan, dmy.

Watch out for that pedicure

Although the actress Denisa Nesvailov pulled out the colors, the whole impression was spoiled by the make-up, which creased the skin in the photo, and especially the pedicure, which a woman should not neglect on the day. Then in lt.

Denisa Nesvailov

You try to keep your legs in lt…