like an owl

Adam Mik (25) had a very muscular and lean body, it’s not so surprising that he jumped on the trend of showing well-developed biceps. Instead of a classic gym shirt, he chose a significantly more elegant version – a sovan t-shirt.

This in itself is a very extravagant piece, under which the young singer’s hard balls were showing, but also her nipples were showing.

Pulling on such a matron is only for the tough and for those who have the strength, self-confidence and charisma to do it. And Adam is one of those choices, he also shot Brad Pitt in his pocket for us, you can see his outfit on the list.

Adam Mik

Adam Mik

Krsk veera

Natlie Jirskov (17) has a mole in the attic as a favorite. But the model is relatively tall, so her face stands out in short and tight outfits. the black elegant outfit was enlivened by trendy slits, her hair pulled back and parted in the middle, she looked very sexy. For one.

Karolna Kopincov (24) bet on simple elegance, which we could expect for a company meeting, not for a movie screening. On the other hand, they gave a luxurious impression, and you can achieve a similar effect with the ones from Zara quite easily. The outfit can be imitated perfectly.

Karolna Kopincov and Natlie Jirskov