The issue of military enlistment bts was explained on the recent episode of the investigative show “PS Note“. On May 10, an episode titled “BTS and the military service controversy” of the investigative journalism program of MBC “PD Note”.

The program dealt with the theme of a system of military service alternative for artists. Choi Kwang Hogeneral secretary of the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA), said:

BTS’s Jin may postpone his enlistment until this year, but next year will be the time to complete his military service“.

Isn’t there a period of 6 months for a law to be officially applied after being approved? Ultimately, BTS is now in a situation where the benefits of military service are impossible.

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In relation to the law of military service, Sung Il-jonga member of the National Assembly, told the National Defense Committee on November 25 last year:

A member of BTS must enlist in the military before December 31 this year and if the members enlist one after another, BTS will disband. This will cause an identity problem so there will be no more opportunities. That is why three people have proposed that it is a good idea to judge good and bad based on national advantages, even if they criticize us“.

Mentioning BTS’s exemption from military service on May 4, the former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hwang Hee also he said:

Due to the obligation to perform military service, activities are forced to be suspended. Obviously, this will cause a national loss“.

I hope that the National Assembly will start discussing this matter as soon as possible.“.