Today, May 10, Bulgaria celebrates Message Lovers Day

According to, today, May 10, is the Day of Message Lovers in Bulgaria.

Today messages can be very diverse.

Leave notes on the refrigerator, in your pockets, and under your loved one’s pillow.

Send reminders by email.

To send sms-messages – with or without a reason.

Send spam via viber and messenger.

To send messages to all kinds of forums (dating forums, pet forums, photos and everything else).

Sending letters in a stamped envelope is old-fashioned but romantic.

Now is the time of high technologies and we cannot live without messages.

Some explain their love with text messages, make business deals worth millions, and the like. Today’s messages are instantly transmitted thousands of kilometers away. Globalization shrinks the world and makes us empathize with everything that happens on the planet. Today the problem is how to send a message so that it is not drowned out by the general noise and reaches the addressee, and how to protect ourselves from unnecessary messages that invade us in the form of advertising, especially. We are so accustomed to the necessary and unnecessary messages that we cannot imagine life without them.

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