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Maxim Galkin* prohibits spectators from filming him at his own concerts

Recently, the life of comedian Maxim Galkin* has become completely different from a fairy tale. Frequent moves have a negative impact on his condition, the refusal of Russian concerts affects his financial situation, and the disruption of performances abroad does not give him the opportunity to relax and creates uncertainty in the future.

Currently, Maxim lives with his wife and children in Cyprus, where they purchased property in an elite area several years ago. However, even having property does not allow him to get rid of financial costs.

Recently, Pugacheva’s husband expressed his grievances with the Kazakh authorities in his blog. In his opinion, the cancellation of the concert in Almaty occurred not for technical reasons, but because of hostility towards him. Then the concert in Estonia was also cancelled. The organizers offered spectators to return their tickets or exchange them for another event.

After these incidents, Galkin* became very nervous before each of his performances. In particular, he asked the audience at the concert in a rather harsh form not to use gadgets and not to film him on stage. His behavior can be explained by two things. Firstly, Maxim does not want parts of his program to appear online. Secondly, perhaps he is afraid that his statements could be used against him, reports Popcake.

Earlier, singer Natalie told how a psychologist pulled her out of depression after her husband left. Details in material Public News Service.

*Recognized in Russia as a person performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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