Mau Montaner, the singer’s brother Evaluna Montaner and brother-in-law of the Colombian singer Camilo, has assured that the marriage is going through a hard and difficult time, going through serious problems that even involve their little daughter Indigo.

Apparently, everything indicates that Camilo and Eva Luna, Even though their love story seems perfect, they are also facing marital problems.

As revealed by the eldest son of the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, The couple does not agree on a daily situation that many of us have, since Indigo’s parents do not throw away the utensils that should already be thrown away and then end up accumulating them at home.

This situation has caused them numerous fights. However, there is something linked to their baby that has even more differences between them.

As revealed by sources close to the Montane family, the couple does not have a fixed position on the gender of their daughter, who at the moment is neutral according to themselves.

In addition, they have not reached an agreement on whether to continue to keep their baby’s face anonymous or make it officially known before the cameras. But as we all know, a few weeks ago the baby’s face was accidentally leaked.

And you, what do you think of these problems that they are going through? Eva Luna Y Camilo?