On Friday, December 16, the Russian army struck massive blow on critical Ukrainian infrastructure and disrupted the transfer of foreign equipment.

According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the targets of the Russian fighters were the systems of military control, the military-industrial complex and the energy enterprises serving their functioning. It is noted that high-precision long-range air and sea-based weapons were used for the strike.

Representatives of the department stressed: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation successfully coped with combat missions, hitting all the planned targets.

“As a result of the strike, the transfer of foreign-made weapons and ammunition was disrupted,” the Defense Ministry said.

In addition, the Russian army, with the help of a massive strike, blocked the process of moving additional reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the battle zone and stopped the activities of Ukrainian defense enterprises involved in the repair and production of weapons.

Formerly war correspondent Evgeny Poddubny stated that the air defense systems (air defense) of Ukraine on December 16 “did not take out” the Russian missile attack.