Yury Ignat, Speaker of the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine broadcast telethon announced that the new massive missile strikes from the occupiers can be expected at any time.

It takes one to two weeks to produce enough missiles for such a strike, he said.

“The enemy has not abandoned attempts to persuade Ukraine to some kind of negotiations, a truce, to use for itself, to regroup and build up potential and strike again. Strikes can always be expected, because the Russian Federation also does not leave any intentions to leave us in a blackout,” he stressed. Ignat.

He also added: “The Russian Federation has Iskanders, but in rather small quantities, but the Russians continue to produce Calibers and Kh-101 missiles.”

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What mechanism has the central government created to preserve the country’s energy system under the massive shelling of the Russians? What are the main tasks the mayors of Ukrainian cities are focused on and why do they need 26 billion? Who buys mobile boilers and how many of them already exist? Where and in what case will heating points be organized? Is it worth it to leave the big cities before the signal from the authorities? And in general, can you trust her with your life in this case? Find answers to these questions in Interview with ASU Executive Director Alexander Slobozhan Inna Vedernikova.