TV presenter Masha Efrosinina answered one of the most asked questions about relations with her mother-in-law and admitted that she had not been in touch with her for a long time

Masha Efrosinina said that she does not communicate with her mother-in-law

Masha Efrosinina said that she does not communicate with her mother-in-law / Photo:

Masha Efrosinina communicates quite openly with her audience and does not hesitate to tell even the most frank details of her personal life. For example, recently TV presenter showed her husband’s farewell gift and gave vent to feelings.

However, there is a topic that Efrosinina tries to avoid – this is a relationship with her mother-in-law, Alla Petrovna Khromaeva. For the first time, Efrosinina spoke about problems with her mother-in-law in an interview with Olya Polyakova for the program “Big Girls”.

In the conversation, Polyakova remembered her husband’s mother, who became a close and dear person for her. But with the TV presenter, everything turned out differently.

My mother always said: “The relationship between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law depends on the mother-in-law.” In my 19 years I have heard this from different people a lot, in my case, everything happened quite the opposite, and this is a great tragedy in our family, which has not allowed us to communicate for all these 20 years. This is a problem for my husband, and my children, and close people … well, she didn’t want to build such a relationship, ”Efrosinina shared.

As you know, Masha’s husband, Timur Khromaev, was born into a wealthy family. The businessman’s parents divorced over time, but could not resolve some of the real estate finance issues.

So, in 2016, Alla Khromaeva sold an apartment in Pechersk, in Kyiv, effectively depriving her son and daughter-in-law of the opportunity to live in it. Efrosinina’s father-in-law filed a lawsuit stating that Alla Petrovna sold the property “in order to terminate the right of a third party – Timur Khromaev – to use, together with his wife and young children, the said apartment.”

Then Masha Efrosinina refused to comment on the scandal with her mother-in-law and tried more not to mention her in the media or on her personal blog.

We will remind, recently Masha Efrosinina admitted that she and her husband experienced a marital crisis during the war.