Marvel Destroyed Their Cinematic Universe with a Single Sentence: What Did They Say?

A major phrase redefined, and at one point it caused Marvel to destroy its ever-popular cinematic universe, which has allowed it to rake in billions of dollars in box office receipts.

The enormous impact that Marvel has left with its films is unquestionable. However, in recent years, the franchise has been accused of weakening the essence of its product to go to films that only have adverse objectives.

And now, the reason why one word is said to have destroyed the legacy that the universe is creating is related to the 2014 film Captain America and The Winter Soldier and, more specifically, to its directors: the famous Russian brothers.

Through an interview that year, Joe Russo admitted to being a big fan of the Screen Junkies web video series, which is called Honest Trailers, in which they show, according to themselves, “Trailers that make you say the truth“. about your favorite movies and series”.

In addition to this, Joe confessed that he and his brother had made a decision; that his film was not going to end up with an Honest Trailer, and that they would make “an Honest Trailer-proof film”.

From there, it is now ensured that the same phrase and Marvel’s intention to make “Honest Trailer-proof movies” has made the franchise focus much more on making logical stories than those that seek to excite the viewer and make them feel something more than mere stories. Watching an action movie.

Although the Russo brothers never had the intention of turning the entire Marvel and its cinematic universe back into something much more methodical by wanting to make “honest trailer-proof” movies, it cannot be ignored that thanks to their words, the MCU has become incredibly complicated. and in general, leaves much to be desired for the fans with their projects.

That can perhaps be seen in his latest films, where the vast majority have received harsh criticism for this problem.

Articles: Marvel destruyó su universo cinematográfico con una sola frase; ¿Qué dijeron?

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