The couple could have met back in 2014 in the Donbass

"Squirrel" and "Cat" fight together for Ukraine

“Squirrel” and “Cat” are fighting together for Ukraine / Photo: Collage: Today, Facebook / Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny

Fighters of the 97th battalion of the 60th OPBR, defending from Russian invasion one of the most dangerous directions, met after being wounded in the Donbass and started a family, and now they are fighting for Ukraine again. The love story of two military men was published on the page in Facebook Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

He is a scout with the call sign “Cat”, she is a sniper “Belka”. They say that they should meet back in 2014 in the Donbass, because they fought very close, but it turned out differently.

Until 2014, Belka was a fashion designer and had her own atelier. She gave up sewing as soon as the war began.

“I just couldn’t force myself to sew someone’s dress, knowing that people were dying at the front at that time. I had no idea about military affairs before, but I understood that hands were needed, I was even ready to cook food. at home and atelier to friends and went to the unit.I was studying at the training center for two months.First I studied as an attack aircraft, then as a medical officer.Then I picked up LED and became a sniper.Where does my skill come from?Due to the fact that I sew, I have a good eye “, the woman said.

“Cat” and “Squirrel” at the time left the army for health reasons after being wounded. Despite this, they really wanted to return to duty. When “Cat” wrote on Facebook that he was gathering a group and he needed a sniper, “Belka” immediately replied that he was ready to join. Correspondence began, and then a romantic relationship. They got married, bought a cozy house, planned a wedding.

But on the morning of February 24, all plans changed dramatically. The “cat” went to the military registration and enlistment office, said that he had no right to remain in the “civilian” with combat experience. Belka did the same. Since then they have been fighting together.

“From the very beginning, they didn’t sit still. They slept for 2-3 hours. The Russians entered in large columns, it was not always clear from where. But they sometimes got lost, because they used old maps on which the villages had not yet been renamed. For example, “A convoy of 120 cars drove into Novoselovka by accident and left immediately. However, before they looted houses, several civilians were killed. In Belogorye, the enemies looted very heavily, mainly Yakuts and Kadyrovites. They mocked people, looking for young girls. People were hungry, scared “We met the enemy accordingly, so that he would not be tasty. I personally saw how they finished off the wounded and drove the fighters into battle with shots,” Kot said.

At the front, Kot and Belok were married by a military chaplain. Despite the fact that the war continues, the spouses are already making plans after the Victory.

“The next dream is to reach Berdyansk, liberate it and swim in the sea. I promised this to my wife. Then, of course, I want to return home, finish repairs in the house,” the intelligence officer said.

And also the couple plans to adopt children – at least two.

Weddings at the front

Earlier it was reported that in the Donetsk region two loving couples got married in a frontline village.

The first couple are servicemen of the Sicheslav Brigade Vladislav and Olga, who have been defending Ukraine with weapons in their hands for years.

The second pair is volunteer Nikolai from the airborne assault troops and journalist Christina.

In early May, in Bucha, destroyed but liberated from Russian invaders, the first wedding ceremony took place. A couple of lovers legalized their relationship.

Note that in Ukraine you can get married remotely. During martial law, not only employees of the registry office were allowed to register marriages, other persons were also granted authority. You can register a marriage with the absence of one of the couple – this is allowed for those who are serving, are somewhere far away and want to marry their soulmate.