Rumors of separation between prince william and Kate Middleton have risen to quite dangerous levels, since the very Wale’s princess admit that she no longer expects any details from the heir to the British throne on any special date, including the Valentine’s Day.

Going back a few days, Kate Middleton was in a flower shop buying some roses. On the spot, located in the city of London, the future Queen consort She spoke and was attended to by one of the local workers, who told her that Prince William was surely going to give her some beautiful flowers for February 14.

However, the response of Kate surprised the employee, since she openly assured him that she did not expect any details from her husband for any special date, since he “stopped being thoughtful with her.”

From there, the british media they began to look for the reasons for the controversial statements by the Princess of Wales, and several seem to have already found the causes of this scandalous position.

Social networks and various news pages have linked Kate’s statements with the alleged lover who William she has had for years and that she was one of Middleton’s best friends.

Is about Rose Hanbury, who in 2019 was involved in a huge controversy after being seen with the Prince in a club. Her meeting caused the collapse of social networks within the United Kingdom, they saw how William, who before that was considered an “exemplary man”, lost much of his reputation.

Various media claim that the prince william he would still be in a secret relationship with Rose, and that Kate may have already found out again. The truth of all this is that in recent days they have not been seen together Princes of Wales, Therefore, it is expected that an answer to these controversial rumors can be given in a few days.