Mariah Carey I was doing an interview with AND! when you have a question, you refuse to answer. The interviewer asked if he would do a “battle“With Beyoncé, referring to the show”Verzuz BattleWhich often pits two artists in a competition to see who does better.

The Christmas Queen didn’t even like hearing this suggestion. “Oh no, sorry … I adore you Rebeca (the reporter), but you can’t ask that question.”He snapped. The reason? The respect he has for Beyoncé:

I love Beyoncé and I really admire her as an artist, for what she’s done for the world and everything, so I’m not going to answer that question. I’ll disrespect myself and I won’t, because it’s Christmas”, Mariah Carey.

So it’s not even good to talk about rivalry when it comes to Beyoncé. After all, it doesn’t even exist! It was clear that the admiration is super true. They are truly two wonderful and unique divas in what they do!

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In other related news, one of the proofs that the Christmas atmosphere is in the air is when Mariah Carey returns to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. That happened on December 6, since “All I Want for Christmas Is You”Went up from position 12 to number 3.

Released in 1994 as a single from the album “Merry christmas“,” All I Want for Christmas Is You “proves to be a classic timeless Christmas. Every year that time comes, success returns. It is likely to hit number 1 again later in the year!

A curiosity of the top 10 is that 40% is made up of Christmas songs. Besides “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, it also has “Rockin ‘Around the Christmas Tree“,”Jingle bell rock” Y “A Holly Jolly Christmas“.